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  About Laura

Laura Orsini


Laura Orsini is an author, editor, marketer, designer, and speaker. Her mission is to empower speakers, coaches, and other change agents to carry their knowledge and passion into the world through their writing. Her goal is to fuel as many people as possible to share their solution-oriented messages – and to dismantle the self-sabotaging belief that they have to be trained writers in order to communicate well. All you have to do is know (a) what your message is, (b) who your audience is, and (c) why you need to tell your story. The rest – the editing, book production, marketing, etc. – is the easy part. But no one else on earth can replicate the passion and knowledge that you, alone, possess.

With a BA in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Arizona, Laura is the author of multiple eBooks: Self-Publishing Made Easy, Words Made Easy, eBooks Made Easy, Handwriting Analysis Made Easy, Car Buying Made Easy, and the award-winning 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women, all of which are available in the Write |Eric and Laura Market | Design Bookstore. She also is nearing completion of her first novel.

Laura is active in a Phoenix affilliate of the American Business Women’s Association as the VP of Marketing/PR, where she was named 2006 Woman of the Year. She is an acclaimed Toastmaster and offers a 52-week, self-paced program for novice women authors. Read and follow her blog, Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven, for excellent tips on marketing your self-published book.

Laura is a birthmother in an open adoption. Her son, Eric, lives with his adoptive family in Gillette, New Jersey and is getting ready to head off to college in 2013. She has spoken to the American Adoption Congress and has been a frequent panelist at conferences for professionals in the adoption field. She has recently begun work on a memoir about her adoption experience.

When she’s away from the computer, Laura enjoys movies, music, the outdoors, chatting over chai latte at a local coffeehouse, and spending time with her husband and her pets.


Laura and Eric               


LAURA ORSINI | Freelance Writer | Editor | Designer | Marketer | Social Alchemist | BLOG

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