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  Leave your mark wherever you go with branded
marketing collateral that contains all of your contact info.
  Marketing Collateral
  Marketing collateral, also known as leave-behind materials, is a collection of branded marketing pieces that are part of an author's overall marketing strategy.
Are there specific kinds of marketing collateral?
  Marketing collateral is any physical item you can leave in the hands of someone you meet. These could includeLeave your mark wherever you go with branded marketing collateral brochures, bookmarks, postcards, busines cards, onesheets that provide an overview of the author's books and/or speaking menu, and white papers or articles that showcase the author's expertise and demonstrate why the author's books, workshops, and/or info products would be of value to their specific industry or target market.

If you do a speaking engagement, your leave-behind materials should include handouts with your contact info, as well as another item with details about your book and/or services.
  Where should I leave my leave-behind materials?

A smart author NEVER leaves the house without marketing collateral of some sort. Bookmarks, business cards, flyers, onesheets — you might take a certain kind of materials to a certain kind of event, but you never know when you'll run across a coffeehouse bulletin board or a café with a business card stand. Plan ahead by having extra business cards, bookmarks, and/or postcards with you.


And what happens when you find yourself in the dentist's waiting room sitting next to the speaker coordinator for an organization looking for someone to address your topic? Be prepared by always having your collateral materials with you!

  What is my call to action?
  Every single piece of your marketing materials MUST contain a call to action.

The goal of a call to action is NOT to sell. Rather, its mission is to convert the prospect into a lead by having them take an action, like connecting with you via your social media sites or visiting your website to download a free giveawy in exchange for their email address. You can then begin an autoresponder campaign with the goal of converting the prospect first into a buyer/reader. After that, your mission is to make them a lifelong fan.

One way to test the effectiveness of a call to action is using A/B testing, where one call to action is presented to one list or group and a second call to action is presented to a second list. You then monitor the results to see which one pulls best; the one with the highest success rate becomes the default.

Smart marketers test EVERYTHING from the words to the colors to the placement of specific items on a page.

  What else should my leave-behind materials have on them?
  The size will largely determine how much copy can realistically be incorporated into a specific marketing piece. For instance, a postcard can hold more data than a business card or a bookmark. However, they should all have a few things:

1. Branding to match your website/blog/social media

2. Your book cover image.
3. Your contact info, including social media handles.

If size allows, they should also contain:

4. A bulleted list of who should buy your book.
5. Your author head shot.

AND they must all contain that essential CALL to ACTION!
  Remember, your goal isn't to crowd in as much information as possible —
it's to get them to take that ACTION!
  Need great marketing pieces that are branded with your book cover(s) and logo? Let us design your business cards, bookmarks, postcards, onesheet, flyers, and more! Explore our design gallery to see work we've done for past clients..  

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