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  6 pages of content you can edit yourself, including a sales page for your book6 pages of your easy-to-edit author website for just $649!
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One edit of your content by a professional editor
Keyword strategy to set up your site in a great spot to grow
Response form you receive via email
Your images and logo
Your choice of two colors

NOTE: Does not include domain name registration or hosting.

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 How does it work?

(1) You'll complete our Web Design Worksheet and send it back to us.

(2) You will write short (25 words) and long (100 words) descriptions of your book.

(3) You will write short (25 words) and long (100 words) descriptions of your service/expertise.

(4) You will write short (25 words) and long (100 words) author bios.

(5) You will write the content for your book's sales page.


If you're a great writer but web copy just isn't your thing, we can write it for you!


These will form the basis for the first 4 pages of your site. Then you still have 2 additional pages. We can build them without text, but you must name them. Ideas include:



Who Should Buy This Book

Your Business/Service Offerings

Calendar of Events

Added/Special Features

Contact/Social Media


(6) You will send us your logo, if you have one. (If you don't have a logo, we can help you develop one!)

(7) You will submit or suggest images to be used on each page.

(8) You will choose a color scheme or give us an idea of your preferences.

(9) We will sugges domain names or use the one you have chosen.


We will use all this information, including the notes from your Web Design Worksheet, to create your finished website.


Ready to begin? Let's Get Started NOW!


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