Car Buying Made Easy by Laura Orsini

Table of Contents

Secret #1   Dealerships do not have the authority to offer loans or act as bank agents.

Secret #2   Obtain your financing before you go car shopping — and get it somewhere other than the dealership.

Secret #3   It is illegal for a dealership to pull your credit report without your written permission.

Secret #4   Beware of the “Low Interest or Rebate — Your Choice” offer.

Secret #5   Don’t be pressured into buying quickly.

Secret #6   Refuse to sign any mandatory arbitration agreements.

Secret #7   Do not sign blank or generic contracts.

Secret #8   Read your warranty carefully.

Secret #9   Avoid car shopping on the weekend — and don’t fall for the trap of taking the vehicle for the weekend, “just to see how you like it.”

Secret #10 No matter how well-equipped you think you are to negotiate with a
                   car dealer, an auto broker will get you a better deal, by far, nearly
                   every time