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Write Now! A Coaching Program for First-Time Authors

If youve been thinking about writing a book for some time now, you probably have lots of very good reasons for why you havent done it yet. Time. Thats a big one. Who has time to sit down and write a book, for crying out loud!?? Skill. You may have a great idea...but youre a little lacking in the confidence department when it comes to actually writing a book. Planning. You have a great idea, and youre even a pretty good writer...but you still arent quite sure how to get the ideas out of your head and into the form of a book. Panic. Theres just too much to know and youre not sure youll ever be able to put all the pieces together to write your book.

Guess what. Its time to Write Now! Get ready to kiss all your excuses bye-bye.


What is Write Now!? Its a 6-month coaching program for first-time authors. Unlike those weekend seminars youve attended, this program will walk you through all the steps of creating your book, from concept to self-publishing, if you choose. Includes monthly follow-up coaching calls. Just $888, prepaid, or $175 per 3-hour session. Second Wednesdays, beginning September 16, 2009. It's going to be intimate just 12 participants so make sure to register today!



Write Now! Class dates - winter 2009/10


September 16 WHY ARE YOU WRITING? Identifying your expertise, subject, and audience; building a platform before you even begin.

October 21
THE WRITING PROCESS: Creating your outline; breaking your material into chapters; writing.


November 18 THE EDITING PROCESS: The importance of editing; how to self-edit; how to hire an editor; proofreading.


December 16 MANUSCRIPT PRESENTATION: Book title; chapter titles; headers & footers; TOC; index; page numbers.


January 20 THE BUSINESS OF YOUR BOOK: ISBN, copyright, printing, and distribution.


February 17 MARKETING: Utilizing your platform via blogs, articles, media releases, TV, radio, social media, and SEO.


Are you finally ready to get serious about writing your book?


Program Outline

Month One
Why Are You Writing This Book?

  • Determining your expert subject matter areas

  • Determining who your niche audience is

  • Researching whether the market is already oversaturated

  • Deciding what to write

  • Why timely is good but timeless may be better

  • A little controversy can be a good thing

  • Building a platform before you even begin writing

  • The value of mindmapping

  • Your book proposal**

How committed are you?

**  While not directly related to why youre writing, it is highly advised that you create a book proposal, regardless of whether your goal is to self-publish or secure a traditional publisher. Writing a book without a proposal is like starting a business without a business plan. Your proposal pulls together your vision, your budget, your marketing...your entire project plan.


Month Two
The Writing Process

Creating a writing schedule

The prewriting process

Drafting your outline

Writing the first draft

  Getting past writers block

  5 Cs of quality copy

Breaking your material into chapters

Getting input from others

The necessity for revision

Talking your book

When to call it done

Month Three
The Editing Process

Striving to be better than the rest

The importance of fact-checking

Using reliable information for your research

The importance of sourcing your info

The absolute necessity for editing & revision

Editing vs. revising

How to self-edit

How to hire an editor

SpellCheck and proofread!!!

Month Four
Manuscript Presentation

Determining your title and subtitle

  Determining your chapter titles and subtitles


  Inserting graphics and illustrations

Securing endorsements

The importance of formatting

Headers and footers

Table of contents


Page numbers

Front matter and back matter

Book cover design

Interior layout

Month Five
The Business of Your Book

Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

Protecting your book: copyright

Identifying your book: ISBN & bar codes

Building a Web site




Vanity presses

Contracts and rights

Month Six

Utilizing the platform youve created

Blogging and other social media

Article marketing

Media releases

TV and radio

Hiring a PR firm vs. hiring a book promoter

Online marketing and SEO

Print resources

  Local newspapers

  Regional magazines

  Organization & association newsletters

  Alumni magazines

  Industry magazines

  National magazines & journals

Companion eBooks, workbooks, and audiobooks

Multimedia and info products


"As an aspiring author, I just finished Write Now!, an outstanding six-month class
taught by local author, editor, and designer, Laura Orsini. This is not
a how-to-write-a-book course, but a how-to-build-a-platform course,
so that when the book comes out, you have a ready audience. 


"I learned so much about new technologies and social networking applications." 

Beth Kozan






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