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  One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your site, create credibility and visibility in your business or industry, and add quality content to your site is through articles packed with information that your readers want.
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People are thirsty for information. It's why more than a billion people surf the Net each and every day. If you're an expert in your business or industry, you MUST be writing articles to get your information in front of as many people as possible. There are dozens of uses for articles, including placement on the Web, in local papers, in industry publications, in association newsletters, and for your own newsletter.


Submitting electronic versions of your aritcles to online directories will also greatly enhance your blog's or website's SEO.



 Benefits of Article Marketing

Regular articles will enable you to:Use articles to market your book and grow your platform.


  • Boost your personal and professional credibility ― Getting your articles published boosts your credibility and begins to create a necessary cycle of trust with your readers. For many authors, submitting to any of the myriad online article directories is an excellent way to get started.
  • Build a brand equity and "the brand called YOU" ― Having your articles featured in online and print publications builds brand equity for you, your business, and your expertise. It generates or reinforces in your customers' and prospects' minds the nature of your product or service and, most importantly, how you can solve their problem or help them out.

  • Drive traffic to your Web site This is caused by the many eZine publishers who visit article directories throughout the year, in search of quality articles for their email newsletters or Web sites, in addition to the end-users who are looking to immediately benefit from your expertise. Include a resource box at the end of your articles so that when they are reprinted elsewhere, your new readers can find you and your site. The most important component of your resource box for the spiders is the URL for your Web site.

  • Receive quality and relevant leads to your Web site  The folks who read all your dynamic material and click on the link(s) found in your resource box come to you as highly-qualified prospects, by the very nature of the way they learned about your business or industry.

  • Beat advertising in effectiveness by as much as seven to 10 times Everyone knows companies pay big bucks for all those ads. With articles, though, you have automatic third-party endorsement (by the Site or Publication that carries your article) of yourself as an expert, whether it's an article you've written or one someone else has written about you. By becoming the expert, you endear yourself to potential customers before they even visit your Web site. There is no better way to "pre-sell" your prospects than through article marketing.

  • Better use the 24 hours you have in each day Having your articles in published online or in print media allows the publishers to pre-sell your ideal target prospects without you having to make cold calls or face-to-face sales appointments. It's not so much about making sales directly as it is qualified lead generation.

  • Find customers you may not have been able to reach before ― Every article you submit is essentially casting a wider net to reach new customers and traffic that have never seen your articles or Web site before.

  • Get continued traffic to your Web site for years to come In most cases, your articles will be online for at least an initial 180 days (6 months); however, many ezine publishers and Web masters who reprint your articles with your resource box intact will display your articles and links for many years. This means surges of traffic this year and many random spikes and continual traffic over the next decade.

  • Write that book! That's right. Once you've amassed enough articles, you can put them all together to create an eBook or traditional bound book. What a GIANT credibility builder!


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 Where to Find New Material for Your Articles
  1. Old Stories on Article Directories ― These include your articles and those authored by others. Make no mistake – we're not endorsing plagiarizing. Rather, we're suggesting you mine others' articles for ideas. Can you give someone else's material a new perspective, offer an alternative or two to the solutions they offered, rebut their position, or simply use their material as a jumping off point for an entirely new angle or direction?

  2. Old Original Forum Posts ― If you've been online for some time, you likely belong to a few industry-specific forums. Did you answer any questions or put some thoughtful content into any of those posts? If so, your old forum posts longer than 250 words in length might make great articles you can put back into distribution to create more traffic and sales for your business, as well as enhancing your credibility.

  3. Old Blog Posts  ― The whole point of blogging, besides posting frequently, is that you can easily syndicate your blog via an RSS feed. Because of the syndicated orientation of blogging, your blog posts greater than 250 words might make great articles. Rewrite them a bit, slap new titles, add a resource box that pitches your blog's URL, and you could quickly put dozen to hundreds of articles into immediate distribution. The caveat here is that you MUST rewrite the posts. The search engines will ding you if you have duplicate copy traveling across the Internet.

  4. Out of Date Books  ― Have you authored a book that is no longer in print? If you own the copyright, the material in that book is an excellent source for hundreds of quality articles with just a few days or a week of editing.

  5. Your Current eBooks  ― Grab 10 to 20 percent of your hottest-selling eBook and turn it into articles designed to seduce your reader into wanting to buy the whole eBook from you. Christian Carter is a master at this!!!  He well understands the need to deliver valuable content, never getting skimpy or simply teasing his readers with "what they could learn if they bought his eBook." Just keep the articles short, with bullets or small numbered lists.

  6. Top 10 or Top 7 Articles  ― Everyone likes content they can read quickly. Why not create Top 10 Lists related to your niche or area of expertise? Just start with a headline such as "Top 7 Leadership Strategies for Newbie Managers" and then number the list from one to seven. Come up with a sub-headline for each tip, and then write a paragraph describing each tip. These are so easy to produce that you can probably crank out a couple every day.

  7. Keyword Research  ― Using a good keyword research tool, you can enter in keywords relating to your niche and discover the topics people are currently searching for that are related to your expertise. Use this as a springboard to launch another 25 articles, related to providing short tips on how to solve or get more out of your chosen keywords. For example: a recent keyword search of "yoga" suggested someone should write articles about "yoga journals or journaling" and about proper form or different types of "yoga poses."

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