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Editorial support for writers who want to change the world...
Do you have a PASSION or MESSAGE to SHARE with the
NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH for you to actually write a book?
Let the BEST freelance editors help you banish those thoughts so that you can turn your BOOK IDEA into REALITY — whether you are a seasoned writer or a beginner.
  What is a freelance editor?
An editor is a person with a high degree of skill and knowledge in the structure of language who assists an author/writer in revising and/or rewriting their manuscript or copy; a freelance editor works independently as a solo practitioner and/or may have their own full-service practice, but they are not employed by a publishing house, agency, or other entity. Write | Market | Design is a full-service editing company that specializes in working with self-publishing authors.  
  Why hire a freelance editor?

You have a great idea for your book. You have a great message and a well-identified audience. So what's keepingLearn how to hire an editor for YOUR book! you from becoming the writer you always knew you could be?


An excellent freelance editor can set your mind at ease. Having a superior editing team behind you will give you the confidence that your message will reach the right people the first time out. What will it feel like for you to finally have not just a book, but a stunning,  professionally edited book in your hands? And how much will having published that book enhance your expert credibility and visibility in your specific industry?


Laura Orsini is an editorial consultant and freelance editor who helps would-be writers and authors get their books, articles, and other writing ideas out of their heads. She enables coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to play a bigger game by shepherding them through the process of finally writing that book, publishing those articles, or creating that e-book or other content they've been "meaning to get to" for so long.

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  What kinds of writers should hire freelance editors?

A freelance editor will make sure your  book, copy, content, or articles not only say what you want them to say, but that they are as polished and professional as they possibly can be. No more worries about mixed messages or sloppy copy. Laura and her team of freelance editors work hard to turn your content into the most articulate, vibrant written words imaginable, whether they take the form of a book, an ebook, articles, or virtually any other type of written material.

Laura's team champions and supports first-time authors as well as those who have been writing for some time. If you have a great message, but you're not sure what the best way is to convey it; if you want an unbiased second opinion on your content; if you're great at concept, but need some help to edit the copy so that it shines and speaks to the heart of your niche want to contact Laura and the folks at Write | Market | Design TODAY. 


This first-rate team of freelance editors is thrilled to work with authors, writers, and would-be authors and writers who are finished with thinking, "Someday..."  If you are ready to step into your greatness, to make your mark on the world by telling your story as boldly as possible, Laura and her editing team want to play with you! They are the true experts at empowering their clients to establish enormous credibility through enticing Web copy, by authoring books and e-books, and by submitting articles to magazines, newspapers, and the innumerable Web resources that continuously thirst for great content.

  What kinds of projects do your freelance editors work on?

Although our team of freelance editors excels in the area of books, e-books, info products, articles, and other nonfiction content – the fact is that if you write it, we can edit it. Laura and her team are true wordsmiths who will take your words – written in your voice and conveying your message – and make them, quite simply, as good as they can be. This means you can rest assured that your content will be sure to attract the attention of your readers and that your message will reach the exact niche audience for which you intend it. 

Any good writing instructor will tell you one thing: make sure that whatever you write is worth your time to write, and worth your readers' time to read. Hiring expert freelance editors will ensure that, precisely. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: 


Books & Info Products


Business Related



 Audio book scripts


 Web copy

 Wikipedia entries


 Expert “opinions”

 Media releases

See our COMPLETE LIST of services.


When something can be read without effort,
great effort has gone into its writing.

— Enrique Jardiel Poncela


  What kinds of projects do your freelance editors work on?
If you are struggling to define and/or narrow down your audience, the Words Made Easy editing team can guide you through that process. Do not be afraid of a narrow focus. As Peter Montoyaa, branding expert extraordinaire says, "The best branding both repels and attracts." It's a big, big, big, big world, and you cannot possibly be all things to all people, so don't even try. Find your audience and write your book, branding expert extraordinaire says, "The best branding both repels and attracts." It's a big, big, big, big world, and you cannot possibly be all things to all people, so don't even try. Find your audience and write your book –then let Laura and her team of freelancers do what they do best...make your words sing. If you do know who your audience is, but you’re having trouble finding the precise words to properly convey your message to them, this first-rate editing team is ready, willing, and enormously able to work with you to craft the perfect message.ake your words sing. If you do know who your audience is, but you’re having trouble finding the precise words to properly convey your message to them, this first-rate editing team is ready, willing, and enormously able to work with you to craft the perfect message.  

Laura Orsini is a professional editor and writer. She and her team will work with you to tailor your written communications, whether they take the form of books, e-books, Web copy, articles, blogs, or other forms of writing.  
  What if I have a GREAT story to tell or information
to share, but I seriously cannot write at all?

As we explain in our mission statement, our goal is to fuel as many people as possible to share their solution-oriented messagess and to dismantle the self-sabotaging belief that you have to be a trained writer in order to communicate well. All you have to do is know (a) what your message is, (b) who your audience is, and (c) why you need to tell your story. The rest the editing, book production, marketing, even the WRITING is the easy part. But no one else on earth can manufacture the passion and knowledge that you, alone, possess. 


So, even if you think you can't write a lick, we will still MAKE SUREou tell your story, write your articles, or publish your tell your story, write your articles, or publish your book.First, though, you must understand that your "can't write" and our "can't write" are probably completely different. For one thing, it doesn't matter how the copy comes to us. It can be bullet points, on sticky notes, even one giant 23-page paragraph. Bring us your words in virtually ANY format, giving us something to work with, and we can probably turn it into a pretty good piece of writing. Really!!3-page paragraph. Bring us your words in virtually ANY format, giving us something to work with, and we can probably turn it into a pretty good piece of writing. Really!! 


But what if even this sounds like it would be too daunting, difficult, or demanding? Well, you can talk, right? So instead of having you write your copy, we give you a means to "talk" it. We do this by setting up an account where you can dictate your copy over the phone, then have it transcribed and delivered to your e-mail inbox for just 2 cents per word. This is also a great option for busy people who are fairly comfortable with writing. 


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  How is this different from ghost writing?

Ghostwriting means someone has hired a professional to write his/her book, articles, stories, or reports, which are then officially credited to the hiring individual as the "author." It is not uncommon for celebrities, high-caliber executives, and political bigwigs to hire ghostwriters to draft, edit, or write their autobiographies, magazine or journal articles, blog posts, etc. However, many other authors also have reason to use ghostwriters.


Generally speaking, a ghostwriter does most of the writing themselves, following concepts, ideas, or storylines provided by the credited author. As such, it becomes a primary function of the ghostwriter to do extensive research about the author (in the case of an autobiography) or the specific subject of the book or article. The credited author has a vision for the book and its message, and it is up to the ghostwriter to see that vision come to fruition in the final draft of the work. 


While ghostwriting is a viable option for those who just don't have the time or skill to write their own matieral, it can be extraordinarily costly. Additionally, we feel it is imperative for the author to maintain his or her own voice. This means that the book, article, or other written piece has the words, thoughts, and tone of the individual credited with writing it. Let's face it: if you hire us to write your stuff and give little to no input, it's going to wind up sounding like we wrote it, because WE WROTE IT. Make sense? If you want your book to sound like YOU wrote it, you must contribute your words to it, in some form. The more you contribute, the easier our job is, which ultimately helps you contain your costs. 


We believe in you and your message — and we truly want to see your message get out into the world. If you'd like to pursue the ghostwriting option, contact us today to set up an initial consultation. If we decide to move forward, we'll set up a regular interview schedule during which time we'll record our interview sessions. The transcriptions of these interviews will form the basis for the text of your book. Contact us today at so we can discuss your specific ghostwriting needs.  


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  Do you teach writing?
Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Writing is a specialized art form for which some people have more of a gift than others. We recognize our clients’ expertise in their fields, and reciprocate with expertise in the editorial arena. For those who need a little more help and support in terms of writing instruction, we will step in to offer guidance. We also offer a workbook will help guide you through some copywriting basics. However, if you’ve always struggled with writing but want to learn to be a great writer, we can refer you to some very patient teachers.
  Can you review my existing copy?
Absolutely! We are happy to offer a review of your existing content, complete with a thorough report including ways you can strengthen and improve your words to better reach your audience and make the all-important sale.
  Do you have any resource materials you could recommend?
Of course we do! Click here to access all kinds of resources to help you be/become a better writer.
  Who is on your editing staff?
Our editing staff is a virtual staff with people from all over the country. We have thoroughly screened all of our editors to assure first-rate skills and the ability for timely turnaround. If you are an excellent editor interested in some freelance work (or know of an exceptional editor who might be a fit), please e-mail us.
  How much does editing cost?

We won't sugar-coat it for you: first-rate editing can be expensive. What you must do is look past the "cost" to see the investment ... in your work and in yourself. 

Think about a pitcher of lemonade. What is lemonade, really? Nothing more than lemon juice and water, right?An editor will make your words sweeter, just like sugar makes lemonade sweeter. But try slugging a glass of lemon water. It can leave an acrid taste in your mouth. It needs a little something ... usually sugar ... to make it more palatable. Writing is much the same. First you have the message, the words, and the structure. Then you stir them up a little, bring in the sheen (or sweetness) and make them not only palatable, but delicious.


Michael Jordan said it best when he was asked how he got to be the best basketball player in the world. "I had great coaches." Likewise, outstanding writers have great editors. Even the most talented writers in the world need someone with an objective eye to provide feedback, sharpen their focus, and make an already strong piece of writing a stellar piece of writing. Most writers are not Steinbeck. While they may have a great story to tell or an amazing message to share with the world, they also might struggle to get the words out of their heads and onto paper. Perhaps they are great at outlining their overall concepts, but they need some help fleshing out the ideas, or finessing the language to make it as clear and compelling as possible. These are writers who would benefit from the investment in a qualified editor. 


We tailor our payment plans to fit the client and specific project. Some things are billed hourly, others on a per page or per word basis. We also offer package and project pricing, which is determined according to the client's needs and scope of the project. Whether you choose to work with us or not, you'll want to be sure to hire the best editor you can afford!


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