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  Accountability Partners
 Creating a Writing Schedule

The good thing about being a self-publishing author is that you get to call the shots. You work on your schedule andLet Write | Market | Design be your accountability partner! hire the experts you feel will best suit your needs. You choose the cover. You keep the profits. All on your schedule. It's an exciting endeavor.


Provided that you get the book done in the first place. One thing with which many self-publishing authors struggle is finding (ahem, making) the time to write and/or market their books.


You must schedule writing (and/or marketing) time the same way you schedule all your other commitments. You must give it the same attention and priority. Some people are religious calendar users; others tend to prefer a more free-form style. We get that! We came from the free-form school, abhoring the discipline of actually calendaring activities. However, we've learned that successful people write things down ... with goal dates. Fortunately, there are these handy devices called calendars to assist with this.


When should you block off time for your book? We're not living in your head or your house (thank goodness!) so we can't make that determination for you. Only you can decide which time works best for you. Maybe itís early morning, before the family is up and active. Perhaps itís late at night, after everyone but the dog is in bed. It could be weekends. The important thing is that you carve out time on a regular basis.


Download sample and blank writing schedules here.

  The Importance of Accountability

Donít be afraid to use your resources and built-in support network: your family and friends. Make sure they understand how important this book project is to you, and why Ė and then empower them to assist in your success. That might mean helping with chores, keeping quiet while youíre working, or just making sure they get up for school without your needing to nag them. Perhaps a friend could take the little ones for a few hours a week. Maybe you need to be a little more assertive with your partner regarding household errands. No matter how it unfolds, scheduling your writing (or marketing) time is a MUST.


But even the best intentions can go awry. Unfortunately, it's often easy to move ourselves (or our projects) down the priority list until we look at that handy calendar and realize six months have gone by since we last touched our book project.


That's where an accountability partner can help!

  Ready to begin? Let's get started NOW!
  If you really want to write, publish, and market your book, it's time to end the "I don't have time" excuse. Write | Market | Design will be your accountabilty partner so that you can make your book a priority. We will help you set up a writing schedule and then check in with you on a regular basis to make sure you are adhering to it. Please don't consider this a failure; acknowledge that you're just human. And think of how great it will feel when you finally finish your book and hold a printed copy in your hands!

Email us today to start working with YOUR accountabilty partner.

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