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We started publishing the Marcie Brock blog on May 2, 2011 and have enjoyed providing self-publishing authors withMarcie Brock - Book Marketing Maven practical, actionable tips, tools, and advice regardig low- to no-cost marketing for their books.


Categories of our posts include:


  Author networking

  Author websites



  Book marketing

  Guest posts




  Social media


We hosted a successful Author Blog Challenge in June 2012 with participants from 2 dozen different countries. We will reprise it in December 2012.

  Blogs We Manage  
  We've been managing the Laser Financial Group blog, written by senior financial strategist Samuel N. Asare, forLaser Financial Group logo nearly four years. We edit, find or create images, and format each weekly post. Samuel has also written four books and two special reports, which combined with his blogging efforts, have led to significant success. He holds regular public workshops and enrolls 100 percent of those attendees in follow-up appointments! His regular blogging with high-quality content also has led to regular feature articles in the Maryland Women's Journal and many other media appearances, including TV, radio, and Internet venues.  
Blogs We Love
  11 Points.  A blog of lists by Sam Greenspan - because Top 10 lists are for cowards.

The Book Designer. Practcal advice to help you build better books.

Bookshelf Porn.
Title says it all.

Content marketing advice and solutions that work.

Linen Laid & Felt.
GORGEOUS handmade books by Katie Gonzalez.

Sales Call Tips.
Tips to help you get past your fear of prospecting and self-promotion.

SEO Book.
The #1 SEO training program, with tools, videos, a private member's forum, and much more.

Seth's Blog.
Tips, advice, and commentary from THE marketing guru.

Teacup Chronicles. Food, stories, and experiences, season by season. Amazing! 
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