Social Media for Authors

Though it shouldn't amaze us, we are nevertheless surprised to come across authors who are still asking if social media is really necessary. I don't know — is your phone important? Email? You probably wouldn't think of doing business without those, right? Well, if you have any plan to sell your book, you'll need to market it. And trying to market your book without social media is like trying to do business without a phone. It's not a fad. It's not a passing phenomenon. It's a requisite tool in your book marketing toolbox.

To that end, it's essential to note that social media is NOT a marketing strategy unto itself. It is a tool you apply to your marketing efforts. You don't DO social media, you use it.

This 38-page special report contains ideas for utilizing social media to market your book and an overview the most popular platforms, as well as a few lesser known ones that could be of use in marketing your  book. If you've been meaning to get started but have been skittish or didn't know where to begin, this report is for you.

Social Media for Authors

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