Practical Philanthropy - How 'Giving Back' Helps You, Your Business, and the World Around You

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Although volunteering has a significant impact on the success and efficacy of our charitableCandid cover - Practical Philanthropy book organizations, only a fraction of those capable actually volunteer. If you run a business — or have a family — you may think you’re just too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to give back. Perhaps you think “giving back” is for do-gooders and completely unrelated to business. But there are many different ways to give back that you may not have considered — activities that can give you a greater sense of purpose, generate great exposure for your business, and help others in a massively impactful way.

This book offers:

• Important lessons from “Undercover Boss”

• “Giving back” — what’s in it for you

• More than a dozen ways to get involved in your community

• Practical ways you can partner with a nonprofit

• Why tooting your own horn is a good thing

• A note for “overgivers”

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