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  "The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is
what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful."
Ron Dawson
  A blog is a user-generated Web site containing journal-style entries that are generally displayed in reverse chronological order. Though they really began as online diaries (the term comes from "Web log"), many blogs provide thorough commentary or information by experts on specific subjects, such as food, politics, or local news. Blogs generally combine text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and social media (online technologies people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other, taking many forms, including text, images, audio, and video) related to their topics. Many bloggers enable readers to post comments in an interactive format.

The facts that blogs are dynamic new content is added with great frequency and largely text-based make them very attractive to the search engines. Because it's so easy to include links within your postings, blogs are an effective method of off-page SEO and can dramatically improve traffic to your Web site.

Blog readership is highest in the morning, peaking at about 10 a.m.


The first blogs began in the early 90s, but the Web and blogs really took off in 1996. Today there are between 152 million and 175 million blogs on the Internet. Companies that blog receive as much as 55 percent more web traffic than non-blogging companies.


U.S. Internet users spend 3 times as many minutes on blogs and social networks than they do on email.


Blog posts influence consumer purchasing, affecting such things as: helping consumers discover products and services; refining choices; providing support and answers; offering reassurance; helping consumers decide on a purchase; inspiring purchases; and executing purchases. Consumer trust in blogs is growing, with people almost as likely to look to blogs for information as they do to magazines and newspapers. Additionally, consumers are almost as likely to share info they find via a blog as info the find in a newspaper or magazine, and they're more likely to share blog info than that from a social media site.


Most people read between 5 and 10 blogs.

  Who blogs? How much do they blog? And WHY?

Bloggers tend to be young, typically between 25 and 44, and highly educated. Most are male, more than half are married, and more than half are parents. Most say that while they blog to share their expertise, personal satisfaction is one way they measure their blog's success.


The average blogger maintains 3 blogs and spends 10 to 12 hours per week on social media sites. More than 90 percent of bloggers use Facebook to promote their blogs, and more than 80 percent use Twitter. More than half say that blogging has led them to become more involved in topics for which they have a passion, and nearly half have become friends with someone they've met in person through their blog.


The highest ranked bloggers post nearly 300 times more often than lower-ranked bloggers.

  Companies that blog average 55 percent more Web traffic.
  Is there a particular blog writing style?

Although blogs often are written quickly, in a more casual, down-and-dirty style of writing that is far less concerned with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the like, the best-read blogs tend to be the ones which combine excellent, authoritative information with persuasive writing that is correct and easy-to-read.


As Amy Grahan points out in her blog, Contentious, it's a myth that blogs are not edited or fact-checked. In fact, many blogs feature rigorous editorial processes that include substantive fact-checking and extensive citations.


If  you have a lot to say on a particular subject and think blogging might be for you, but you're not so confident in your writing abilities, consider dictating your blog entries. We provide a service that can have transcriptions delivered to your inbox in a matter of minutes. We can also do a quick read-through/edit for polishing before you publish your posts.

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Six Keys to Blogging SUCCESS
  Our clients hire us because we know what we're doing. We've seen the fantastic results that can occur with regular, dedicated blogging. Nevertheless, it always amuses us when the client at first questions our suggestions, then later comes back thrilled because those very same suggestions paid off.

Here are six keys to blogging success. If you follow them, your blog is almost guaranteed to rank well in the search engines.
  1. When launching your blog, post 40 to 50 days in a row (including weekends). You can write ahead and set the posts to publish later.  
  2. Write quality content that appeals to your (intended) readers.  
  3. Post on a regular schedule — the more often, the better!  
  4. Use an image with every post.   
  5. Attach good keywords to each post.  
  6. Find and comment on other blogs on the same general topic as yours. Recognize that controversy can generate attention — and traffic! It's generally OK disagree with the blogger (or make a different/additional point) as long as you do it respectfully.  



* Participate in blog challenges

  * Plan a blog tour  
  What are the qualities of a good blog editor/manager?

The best editor/manager for your blog is someone who is well-versed in your subject matter, or who at least has more than a passing knowledge of your material. For instance, you are not likely to hire a retired Montana cattle rancher with a penchant for blogging to help you out with your blog about the best solar cooking practices. Use your discretion! There are all kinds of excellent blog editors and managers available but you want to know yours is familiar with your subject. You also want someone who is efficient and has the time to turn the work around quickly, as one of blogging's most important features is its immediacy.


Also, make sure your editor has the ability to preserve your voice. After accuracy, this is the single most critical requirement for ANY editor, regardless of the type of project and it's especially critical with respect to your blog, which is your regular communication with the world and the place that will begin to establish your credibility as an expert in your subject matter.

  Any other advice?

Before you embark on your blogging adventure or invest in an editor/manager for your blog, do your research and see who else is already blogging on your subject. This is not an attempt to derail you from your dreams of being the next great blogger, but merely to encourage you to begin considering how you're different and what sort of content you will write and post. 


Do you have a plan to peruse these others blogs and post your own comments on the things with which you agree or disagree? Do you have a completely new spin on the same old thing? With competition for blog readers increasing by the day, you need to know that your material is (a) worth your time to write and market, and (b) worth your readers' time to read.

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